About Us - Chocobles, SkinnyDipped & Goan Sun

As an ode to the active community in India, we at IAIA India Pvt.Ltd. worked with Farmers, Cooperatives and Artisanal Chocolatiers to develop our Chocobles range of chocolates from Nuts Chocolates to Fruit Chocolates and  Millets and Nuts Chocolates. Yes, healthy fruits and nuts as well as Millets - the long forgotten ancient grain which for a long time was the staple in many countries and is precious enough to be given to infants, babies & toddlers- is essentially the platform that we have used to make most of our products. The simplicity of our ingredient list reinforces our values - simply natural ingredients and no artificial flavours and made-up stuff.

Chocobles  Millets & Nuts - a perfect chocolate coated indulgent treat. Using real organic Cocoa and many organic ingredients including Millets, Lentils, Nuts and sweetened with a touch of Honey and Jaggery. The chocolate is actually a bean-to-bar produced at a single facility, giving our Millet and Nuts filled choco-treat an artisanal twist. These delicious treats available in select channels including Amazon, Goa and across Bangalore in most Natural and Organic Speciality stores.

Skinny Dipped - is our range of thinly coated Dark Chocolates. These Healthier-for-you Chocolates are perfect anytime treats with a great nutritional profile. Available in varieties such as Almonds, Banana and Coconuts; available to purchase on Amazon and realandwhole.com

While we believe in loving life and living it to the fullest, we know that through proper nutrition and better informed choices we can enjoy today while looking-after tomorrow.

Prepared in the safe environs of an FSSAI approved Kitchen and Production facility, each individual  product will always stand testament to the values we have and the brand we represent.

Start with Food : For Endurance, For Strength, For Recovery.


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