• Light & Lean bars are very handy and easy to carry. Specially one can avoid snacking on junk and outside food when in hurry to pack your snack. Snack is one important meal which we miss most of the time. This will end up in snacking on instant, high calorie food. These bars are completely natural, free of preservatives and nutritious .

    Asritha Vissapragada (Dietitian)

  • I've found the bars quite tasty having a good satiety value. I shall definitely recommend them to patients as well as people wanting to lose weight/ practicing healthy lifestyle as this product is wholesome comprising of natural ingredients in a balanced way providing optimum nutrition which is a great healthy snack option, very handy for people on the go.  

    Varsha K (Dietitian)

  • Hungry Kya.. not for me…. After a month of using these bars and with
    moderate exercise, I was lighter by 5kgs and my blood results were
            normal. This is simply perfect for my ever hungry stomach..

    S J