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Skinny Dipped Lightly Coated Dark Chocolates

Skinny Dipped Lightly Coated Chocolates

Our Fruit and Nut Centers are Lovingly coated with a thin-layer of Premium Chocolate. Perfectly paired for the complete chocolate experience without all the Added Sugars!

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Healthier-for-you Chocolate

Keep the Taste. Dump the Sugar Coating.

  • Fruits & Nuts

    Keeping it Real! Just Real fruits and Nuts. No flavours in our Centers!

  • Lightly Coated

    Chocolate perfectly paired with our center fillings for a complete chocolate experience. Healthier? - YUP!

  • Less Added Sugars

    Light Chocolate Coating means, means lesser the amount of Added Sugars.

  • Pure Chocolate

    Enjoy premium Pure Chocolate with NO Palm Oil or replacement Vegetable Fats.